Slydepay Charity Champions in the 2017 AIM Challenge 4 Charity Relay

Slydepay Charity Champions
Raising funds for the Ghana Planetarium and Science Centre

Amt GH¢  
   David Weinrich
   Connie Chow
   Kathleen Beegle
   Gold Coast Projects Ltd
   Ekua G
   Total Raised

Donors, please let us know if you prefer not to be identified by your full name.

Many thanks (Yɛ da ase bebree!) to Slydepay's sponsors, who have generously donated towards their
AIM to support the education enrichment goals of the Ghana Planetarium and Science Center.

Donors, we will gratefully acknowledge your donation on the fundraiser's page. Please let us know if you prefer we do not identify you by your full name.
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