We're running/walking in the 8th Annual Accra International Marathon to keep Africa Alive!

28 September, 2014


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AIMing to Care for the Perishing
in the wake of the Ebola Outbreak

Please stand with us to support our brothers and sisters in the Ebola-stricken countries of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Use the occasion of your AIM participation to raise funds from your networks. We will see to it that all collected funds are entrusted into responsible hands for the intended beneficiaries. The AIM Race Director and International Coordinator have pledged to match the first Fifty Ghana Cedis raised by the first 50 AIMing fundraisers towards this cause.

Please send us your photo and your statement explaining why you are sacrificing your time and other resources to raise funds for this cause. We’ll upload them on this page to facilitate your fundraising efforts. If you can’t directly AIM yourself, please support the fundraisers. We will make a public record of all funds raised and to whom and the manner in which they are submitted. We have identified Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF or Doctors without Borders) as one of the potential recipients and would welcome other suggestions from donors and fundraisers. All funds submitted to whatever agency must be used to care for those suffering from the outbreak in Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone. 








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