Sponsor a Charity Partner Champion in the 2017 AIM Challenge 4 Charity Relay

AIMing to Care...

This year’s Charity Champions are AIMing to Care for our Children by raising funds to support the life-saving mission of The Longevity Project and the education enrichment goals of the Ghana Planetarium and Science Center.

In addition to training and putting their egos on the line to race in the Challenge 4 Charity Relay (C4CR), they are also appealing to their networks to support their selected Charity Partners with donations of any amount. Please encourage their efforts by donating to the team of your choice. Your donation, less any applicable PayPal transaction fees, will qualify for 100% matching by AIM.

Please note that we have extended the fundraising matching period to 30 November or until the matching fund runs out in further support of our Charity Partners.

If you are not able to actively participate, please consider sponsoring the Champions of our Charity Partners (CPs) to achieve their fundraising goals! Click on Relay Champions' "Donate" button to make a secure donation to their special cause through PayPal.

Donors, we will gratefully acknowledge your donation on the fundraiser's page. Please let us know if you prefer we do not identify you by your full name.
The Longevity Project Africa (ID 20-3934047) is federally recognized in the United States as a Public Charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Donate Directly to The Longevity Project:

In Ghana, you may use expressPay to donate to the Longevity Project for your chosen charity. Donate to the Longevity Project Ghana | Powered by expressPay