Accra International Marathon Frequently Asked Questions
Please see Announcements area for important updated information.

1. How do I register for the event?
Details will be posted when registration opens on 1 May 2023.
2. What is the Prize money?
Visit our Prize Money page for details and updates on cash and other prizes.
3. Can you invite or sponsor me to participate?
The Accra International Marathon is a private racing event and does not require an invitation. Invitations are only issued for visa purposes after registration is confirmed, no exceptions.
Unfortunately, we are not in a position to assist you with sponsorship of any kind; you may want to try appealing to corporate sponsors in your home country.
4. What is the course route and elevation?
The AIM route can be viewed here in Google Maps. The AIM course is relatively flat. The minimum elevation is about 6 feet, average elevation is about 55 feet, and maximum elevation is about 142 feet.
5. What is the Race Packet pickup location and date?
Visit the Schedules page for Race Packet distribution information.
6. What are some recommended hotels?
Visit the Hotel and Travel page for updated information.
7. What is the race start time and location?
Visit the Schedules page for race start times and locations.


AIM2024 is Scheduled for 27 October 2024