Message from the Race Director

Race Director Ekua

Announcing our new routes and Venue Sponsor
20 March 2023

Akwaaba dear AIMers, veterans and would-be participants as well. We bade you “ciao for now” about three years ago believing that if we followed the rules and protocols prescribed by public health authorities, we would embrace again within a year, maybe two at the most.

Well, a few false [re]starts later, conditions look promising, current global and local economic woes notwithstanding.

Ayikoo1 to all of us for weathering the difficulties and uncertainties that dogged us over the last few years and that, unfortunately, continue to shadow us in the form of the increased cost of living and diminished financial resources. We have needed the endurance and perseverance of a marathon runner to go the distance and nurture the hope that keeps us planning and training even when no events are in sight. It has been bittersweet to keep in touch with the many of you who informed us of your training efforts even when we gave you the disappointing answer to your perennial question, “Will the event come on this year?” Continue reading Race Director's message...

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We are seeking Title, Presenting, and other Sponsors for AIM 2023


AIM2023 is Scheduled for 29 October 2023

Registration opens 1 May 2023

We are seeking a few Captains of Commerce to become Champions of Charity and compassion. Please join hands with our fundraisers to raise funds to benefit our Sponsored Charities.

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