Message from the Race Director 17 October 2016

Dear Aspiring AIMers,

Race Director Ekua

We’re getting down to the wire in our preparations towards a successful anniversary event. But, as our schedules get more hectic due to the need to involve more third parties, your respective training schedules should be winding and cooling down. Especially for full marathoners, your last long run before AIM day should now be behind you according to some training experts.

Hydration is so important during training, and it’s definitely what we most crave after we cross the finish line. We will have more than enough water for all our registered participants on the course and at the finish line. In the last few years, we’ve been dismayed at how water (and coconuts) disappears faster than anticipated. Careful review of photos and recollections has shown us at least one of the reasons. We end up supplying water (and coconuts) to friends who accompany AIMers and others we can’t even identify. We simply can’t afford these leaks (no pun intended) from our hydration supplies, especially when it means our valiant AIMers are left gasping for air and for water.

This year, we will follow industry best practice and barricade off the areas where only bibbed AIMers can access for their supplies of water, coconuts, and other goodies. Please help us by encouraging your fans to cooperate with our officials and security providers. They can buy water, food, snacks, etc., from our vendors who are instructed to sell their products for the same or lower price than can be found outside our venue.

We are happy to welcome Rauch on board as our Official Beverage Sponsor. Many of you already know Rauch | Official Beverage Sponsor of the Accra International MarathonRauch as a prominent fruit juice brand in Europe. We like the fact that they use real fruit in their refreshing juices. A portion of their sponsorship also benefits our Charity Partners, so their participation is good for you and good for our supported charities.

Whichever distance you’re training for, much good luck to you.

ciao for now,
AIM Race Director


AIM2024 is Scheduled for 27 October 2024

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